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0.0 I Don’t Run

October 27, 2016Read More

So I had a sticker on the back of my car: “0.0 I Don’t Run.”   I got it a while back, since I was living at HAC, surrounded by marathoners…..13.1, 26.2, 5K, 10K. I enjoy exercising, but I hate to run. Yet I am forever racing the clock, running errands, running up bills and especially running late. I got a much needed car wash the other day, before 9am (a first), and it fell off and started blowing away. Funny how the things we no longer need have a way of disappearing.

I still frequent the HAC, but I really live in my car. I spend a lot of time looking at the view above, rocking out to music (I have a School Rocks playlist for J and a Rock On! one for myself.) The clock in my car is two minutes slow, in spite of how many times I advance it to the proper time. It says 8:58 when it is really 9:00. Does this mean I am losing time? Or gaining it? I can’t figure it out. Back in the day, when I had a train to catch, I used to set my clock 5 minutes ahead so even if I was still parking at train time, I could still grab my bag and make it to the platform before the rail road crossing arms went down. Today, being Hump Day, I raced to HAC twice….once for Barre class for me, and once for Cheer Dance for J.  My socks this afternoon were very apropos:


“Hurry Up Wednesday!”

I came across a quote today…


Dream on, my friends….and never stop hustling.

Which leads me to my next quote:


Though Brent was playing Oregon Trail and it said I was tired, and then I died.  Not cool!

This may be a little rambly. I have lots of ideas running through my head. Off to sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow!