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breadcrumber – I had to try to type a word that isn’t a word yet over and over and my computer kept on denying it. There! It is underlined in red and yelling at me, but who cares!

I couldn’t settle on a word of the day for today…and it wasn’t from a lack of trying. I combed through a multitude of sources…
Merriam-Webster’s word was jitney….
Cambridge’s was ice-over…’s was flackery…
Oxford’s was pre-install…

I found this on Cambridge’s blog post about new words. They are defining this word as someone who contacts another person very infrequently.

‘For anyone who’s ever dated, or maintained any kind of relationship in the digital age, you have probably known a breadcrumber. They communicate via sporadic non-committal, but repeated messages – or breadcrumbs – that are just enough to keep you wondering but not enough to seal the deal (whatever that deal may be.)’
[New York Times 10 July 2016]

This morning I saw one of those tearjerker viral videos about an elderly man who takes his cell phone to a repair shop and there is nothing wrong with his phone, but he insists it is broken because his children don’t call him. I don’t know why we fall out of contact so often…especially in this technological world where most people are just a click away via more than one method of communication. I know if my Dad was still here, I would call him daily. We still connect, but not via your usual vehicles.

Dropping a trail of breadcrumbs comes from Hansel and Gretel. Looking more closely at fairytales from a different vantage point, as an adult and a parent, they don’t read as magically as I remember them being. If you focus on the candy house in the forest, you overlook the fact that it is constructed by a cannibalistic witch with a big appetite, who lures and then locks up and tries to fatten up her dinner.

I do like the idea of a trail of breadcrumbs to help you find your way back to where you used to be. I like to imagine the pictures I snap as breadcrumbs to lead me back to where I want to re-visit. As if I could ride the jitney back to my childhood days and pre-install some more helpful software to help me navigate the flakey and cope with the world I now inhabit before the next ice-over occurs. I have so many ideas throughout the day, without the proper time to see them through to their fullest potential. Some I manage to jot down off-handed, sloppy notes that I may or may not be able to decipher later on…and others slip away silently before they get their moment in the sun. I do hope to catch up soon…to sift through my thoughts and mine out the gems before they fall into the trash. That is why I probably can’t seem to part with my piles of scrap paper notes. There is something in there….I am onto something….what, exactly, I still am not certain…but I’ve got a whole lot of something and that’s definitely better than nothing.
Good night for now! I will see what breadcrumbs are still lingering in the morning, if I get up before the squirrels do.

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