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abstemious: (adjective) marked by restraint especially in the consumption of food or alcohol; also: reflecting such restraint.

I always used to think that abstemious and abstain were one and the same; I used to associate them. After further exploration, I see that this is not the case. Both have the latin prefix abs, which means away or from. Abstain comes from abs and tener (which in Spanish means to have). Abstemious comes from abs and tem, which is in the latin stem temetum which means intoxicating beverage and temulentus which means drunken. The suffix -ius means full of, abounding in, having or possessing the qualities of.

Being abstemious can save you money. We think that if we hold back, that we are somehow robbing ourselves of something. How could we possibly be satisfied with less? Can less really be more? I have been holding onto things for far too long. I am attempting to show more restraint and self-control when it comes to my own personal spending and eating habits this year. Also when it comes to making excuses – I need to do less of that. I need to make decisions and stick to them, instead of pining for the opposite outcome.
We focus so much on “to-do” lists – but perhaps we should look at what NOT to do.
What things do you want to give up this year?

I have always had a fancy for plates. I am not entirely sure what draws me to them. I do love the patterns and colors and shapes. The image below was one I took two years ago when I was attempting a Project 365 (taking a photo daily for a year.). I wasn’t sure at the outset what I was undertaking here on this page….but I think my new goal is to do a 365 of vocabulary words. I am up for the challenge. It is multi-pronged in that I get to compose or select an image and construct a daily narrative. It satisfies my need to create. Some words are easier to write about…others take more effort or lead me down stranger more digressive paths. I am intrigued to see where 365 days of words will take me, and I hope you learn some new words along with me. Some days my plate is fuller than others. Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew!

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