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1 a : suggestive of repose : leaning, resting

b : lying down

2 : representing a person lying down

3 : (of a bicycle) having the seat positioned so that the rider’s legs are extended horizontally forward to the pedals and the body is reclined

The Latin prefix re- and the verb cumbere meaning “to lie down.” This is a word I have heard before, but haven’t really used in regular discourse. I felt the need to look into the difference between laying and lying down. You lie down on the couch, but you lay something down. I got more confused than I was before and had to lie down…I am not lying! I swear! I don’t know whether a recumbent bike is better for your knees and joints than a regular one. In my tiredest moments when I have dragged myself to the gym, but was afraid to fall asleep on the treadmill and fall off, I contemplated what sorts of exercises one could do while sleeping. Deep! The doll pictured was a Hanukkah gift to Synonym. It has been a recumbent form on my dining room table for days and the first thing I thought of when I needed an image. haha! Off to get recumbent!

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