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1 : of, relating to, or occurring in the evening

2 : active, flowering, or flourishing in the evening : crepuscular

The evening star was once known as Vesper (Hesperus is from the Greek word for “evening star”); vespertilian means “batlike” (the Latin name for a bat is vespertilio); and a vesper bell calls evening worshipers to services.

There is an interesting reading passage that I use to teach my SAT students about the new essay on the test. Students are required to read a short article and write an essay about how the author carried out their argument and convinced their readers. This particular passage is about preserving natural darkness, which has been brightening over time. We like to think everyone goes to sleep when we do, but that isn’t the case. Some species of flowers only bloom at night. I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend some evening classes and experience Longwood Gardens After Hours. It is a totally different place after dark, let me tell you. They even have an entire staff of night gardeners, and since the new fountains have opened – night plumbers and electricians – whose job it is to tend to things overnight. There are lots of night shift workers as well. Pictured in today’s image is one of Longwood Gardens most famous night blooming waterlilies. It has the most intoxicating scent, and the most interesting fact about it is that it opens up the first night as a male and then the second night as a female. How cool is that?!

Another super cool mini reading passage I used to use in the last iteration of the SAT featured the work evening and its double pronunciation…..say it like this EVENing and it means to even out….or evening as the time of day. At night is when we rest and even out. And with that….Off to bed! Three more sleeps until Christmas Morning.

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