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Creativity Is NOT A Competition

September 4, 2018Read More

I am not a highly competitive person by nature, but I think that within each of us we all possess a drive to compete in something. I have spent a lot of time searching my soul lately to try to get a handle on who I am and where my path is taking me. I am still working that out…but I am realizing what some of the messages that have been hard wired into our brains have been doing to us. My soul longs to be creative – yet I have plugged my creative outlets with baby proofing gear. I have told myself that my art is no big deal and that I cannot use it to support me. I have let all the people who ever told me “NO” win. I have come to fear rejection so much so that I haven’t put myself out there at all. When I am surrounded with like-minded people, I get so suspicious of them that I don’t get the full benefit of the wisdom they can share. How can I call myself a writer or a photographer if I have shut down these pathways? Social media has a way of both connecting us and disconnecting us. It is cool to see what other people are doing – yet it leads us to an endless stream of comparison and employment of measuring tools that we will never be able to meet. We are all unique. We are all traveling on a different path to self-discovery and what works for one may not work for all. “Do you,” is a phrase that has gained some traction lately. So we should stop trying to out-do one another and do it for yourself. I am going to try to follow my own advice here and not make creativity competitive.