I tell my SAT students that I am a dilettante (my name is hidden in there – except you need to change the last e to an a!).  This means I am a jack of all trades. I like to consider myself a Renaissance woman, as I am an SAT tutor, a writer, a photographer, an artist, a logophile, a nature-lover, a trail blazer, a perpetual student, a master shopper and returner, a giver, a mother (to my super smart sidekick who I refer to as Synonym), a daughter (to my mother who I refer to as Loquacious Lois or who Synonym calls Gaga), a sister (to my brother I refer to as Gregarious Gregory), a wife (to my history-teaching hubby who I refer to as Homonym), a New Yorker, a Delawarean, a Blue Hen, a Double Del, a wearer of many hats. I am sure you share some of these traits with me.  If you love words, like I do, and want to learn more about them, I hope you will journey with me.