How can I rejuvenate myself without the baleful effects of harsh chemicals or jumping on the bandwagon of what the oligopsony deems hip? The maelstrom of factitious lies is waiting to beguile me. The haberdasher wants me to gambol, yet I feel more lachrymose by the effrontery of it all. I struggle to coin a neologism, but my failure of accurately performing the task is making me cantankerous. The Paladin must be abstemious in his time of work. Raiment cannot be whimsical. Tenets must be set in stone or carved in xylography. Vanguards give sanctions to those who aren’t uncouth, ab ovo. Barbicans are removed from the omnibus so we don’t get our dander up and macerate for too long in our fastidious ways. Be wary of kibitzers.

In these uncertain times, it is easy to become hard-boiled and begin to imprecate evil on others. Remember, when you stare into the abyssal depths of despair, they also stare back into you. So instead of taking the low road, be the grandee and take the high ground. You will find that luculent place of clear reflection after time spent as an extremophile. Find a nexus point to avoid carceral chains. Don’t let peradventure rule you, instead I adjure you to take a chance. It may turn out to be ragtag, but it will be memorable and might even shift your weltanschauung. Journey to the transpontine side, write a billet-doux and be voluble, roll around in the sward. Who knows, it might gain cachet. Employ your protean skills and bemuse the competition. The onus is on you! Carry your best distaff characteristics with you and mayhap you can finesse the outcome to your advantage. Kudos to you for embracing the hoary, indigenous shunpike. Be sure to genuflect.

Be an exponent and support a cause. Be laconic and take the advice to talk less and smile more. Cabotage may be necessary but nugatory in order to maintain affable relations. You can postulate all you want about how the syncretism and ramification of opposing forces foreshadows ominous results, all while you tattoo out a minuscule tune with your toes. Grab your vade mecum and seek to be irenic instead of besmirching your image by using gadzookery while you decry the current state of affairs instead of finding the effulgence. Be careful to be furtive with your chaffering, or you will get someone else’s hackles up. Ameliorate lief before you hit a watershed moment. Beware of the nightmares that could happen if you are unreconstructed with your perpending. Sarcasm might not be helpful in retrospective. In favor of simplicity, Occam’s razor will be transpicuously in favor of munificence.